Valerija by Sara Jurincic won The Heart of Sarajevo

Short documentary film Valerija by Sara Jurincic had premiered at Sarajevo Film Festival on the 18th of August 2023. The film has won The Heart of Sarajevo for the Best Short Documentary. Film also had its Slovenian premiere at FEKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival on 18th of August.


Short synopsis: On the island where the filmmaker’s grandmother is buried, it is the tradition of women to choose the image that will represent them on their grave after they are gone. As director Sara Jurincic and her mother travel to this island, we enter a world without men, where female ancestors take center stage. This beautifully crafted film, both playful and serious, takes us on a cinematic odyssey to hear what the ancestors are whispering from their silent portraits.

Film had its world premiere at Sheffield Doc Fest 2023.

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