Full house at World Premiere of “Sense of Place” at CPH DOX

Full house at CPH DOX!!!

WORLD PREMIERE of the collective documentary program «A Sense of Place» at CPH: Dox!

In the collective documentary program «A Sense of Place», six Iranian filmmakers tell stories located in Iran or in exile and enter in exchange with the respective places they visit with the project. The program is created by curator/producer Afsun Moshiry in partnership with the Wim Wenders Foundation, produced by Afsun Moshiry (Road River Films) and Hamidreza Pejman (Pejman Foundation), co-produced by La Onda Productions and The perfect kiss films, associated producer Iconoclast Germany.

The Iranian filmmakers Shirin Barghnavard, MohammadrezaFarzad, Afsaneh Salari, Pooya Abbasian, Mina Keshavarz, and Azin Feizabadi (based in Iran, France, and Germany) have worked for two years in close collaboration with Wim Wenders to create documentary films that embody their own approach to «A Sense of Place».

© Foto: Donata and Hella Wenders

The talk round was held by Wim and Hella Wenders, Afsun Moshiry, and Marie Erbs Ørbæk.

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